Solve with friends and create new crosswords

Creation and solving crossword puzzles - this is a quick and fun way to get new knowledge, well suited for both children and adults.

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Crossword maker

Crossword even more exciting experience than their unraveling, and thanks to the convenient editor create a good crossword can even novice. When compiling a crossword puzzle words are chosen from a special dictionary. Editable crossword saved automatically. For your crossword puzzles available a large selection of classic and curly grids of different sizes, which constantly updated. You can use to create a crossword puzzle generators. Generators allow you to automatically create a grid with the given parameters, the siting typed words on the grid, fill the grid with words from the dictionary. Created a crossword puzzle can be shared with other our service users or friends on social networks, or print and solve on paper.

Solve crosswords

Crossword - the most popular game in the world with words , it is played by children and adults. In the crossword puzzle using a special search, you can choose the type of crossword puzzle, complexity, size and other parameters. We created the original interface for viewing questions and record responses. Interim results of solving a stored automatically. Besides Our service saves time that you spend on crossword puzzles . Having solved the crossword , you can rate it on a five-point scale, to leave Free comment or recommend to friends liked crossword. You can print the crossword puzzle and solve it without using a computer.

Print crosswords

You can print the crossword puzzle on a printer or saved in PDF. the ability to print can be useful if you like to do crossword puzzles on paper, or if there is a long ride and Electronic devices can be used. Print Crosswords is available when editing crossword. If you want to print the crossword puzzle after editing, you can first look will look like crossword received PDF file and make changes in the Editor, if necessary.

Themed crossword puzzles

Here you will find lots of interesting puzzles of varying degrees of complexity literature, geography, history, English and many other popular topics. Each themed crossword contains specific to a particular of issues and concepts that you have to guess. For solving crossword game points are awarded. And if you have trouble you can get tips, using earned points. Hints are available for subscribed users. If you are an expert in your field, demonstrate their knowledge and experience of others - add themed crossword puzzles, earn game points.

Educational crosswords

Creating and solving a crossword puzzle will allow you to expand your vocabulary and broaden my horizons. Creating or solving crossword puzzles you will quickly learn you are interested in a subject such as history or geography of a foreign language. Education in the form of a game increases the interest to the subject , easier to obtain new knowledge, motivates and allows to enjoy the process of learning. The quality of education achieved by the fact that the puzzles on each topic are specialists in their field. Convenient and easy interface allows concentrate on solving the crossword. A rating system creates sports and competitive interest.


Use to create a special crossword dictionary, including dozens thousands of words in different languages​, grouped according to various themes. You can use dictionary to look up words. You can search by the mask word, finding, for example, all five-letter words starting with a particular letter. Add new words, definitions and images for this game points are awarded. You can use the dictionary Crossword manually, but it is more convenient to use the editor of crosswords on the site, because the search function on the mask is used automatically when you add words to the Editor.