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How to make a crossword ?

On our site you can create a crossword puzzle using several methods:

  • Draw a crossword grid and run the program to create crossword puzzles in automatic mode
  •         Create crossword
  • of the specified words in the automatic mode
  • Creating a crossword puzzle can occur in manual mode. In this case, you need to draw the words on the crossword grid.         In this case you will be available for easy selection of words from our vocabulary, in which there are tens of thousands of words
  •  is a program for creating crossword puzzles online. Online Crossword is very comfortable.     The program does not require installation and can at any time to create a crossword puzzle for free.     You can create a crossword in the English and Russian languages.

     How to make a crossword of the specified words ?

    On the Editor tab, the words right pane, click on the " Add" button.     In the box, enter a list of words you want to use to draw up a crossword puzzle. Next, click "Add".     After closing the window, click " Locate ". The program will generate a crossword puzzle     generate various puzzles until not be used all the words.

     How to make a crossword puzzle in English ?

    The program allows you to make crossword puzzles in Russian and English languages.     In order to be selected language Crossword need go to " Settings " in the right pane and select     language in the appropriate input box.

     How to make a scanword?

    Compilation of online crossword puzzles is virtually no different from making a crossword puzzle.     In order that would switch to making skanvordov to go to "Settings" in the right pane and select     Type " Crossword puzzle " in the appropriate input box.     When editing the questions crossword puzzles, you can resize fields with questions and issues selected as a picture.

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